Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Game Mechanics: Elemental Strengths and Weaknesses

One aspect of the game that only comes into play in player-vs-player mode is that of elemental type advantages.  While not as in depth as Pokemon's system, there is still a relationship of strengths and weaknesses between the eight types of Skylanders.  When a type advantage is in play, extra damage is dealt just like when a Skylander is experiencing their advantage zone in the game's story mode.  This is demonstrated in the game with an additional damage counter shown inside an icon of the attacker's type.

Here is a chart showing the relationships between the eight types.  Each type has one strength and one weakness, leaving it neutral toward the other five types.  Strengths are read clock-wise, such as "Water is strong against Fire, Fire is strong against Air."  Weaknesses are read counter clock-wise, such as "Water is weak against Life, Life is weak against Undead."

There are a few relationships I find amusing here, which I think will also help them to be remembered.  The Life/Water/Fire trio is very similar to Pokemon's Grass/Water/Fire combination, except that Life is weak to Undead.  Apparently Death beats Life!  Water obviously beats Fire, but how does Grass (Life) beat Water?  It's simple: Grass soaks it all up, leaving nothing behind.  At least that's how I've always rationalized the Pokemon relationship.

Some other ways to remember the circle: you Fire at something in the Air, Air soars above Earth, Earth smashes your Technology, Technology beats Magic (think modern science vs the dark ages here), and Magic is probably your only weapon against the Undead.  Unless they're Zombies, I suppose, in which case there are plenty of modern options.

Once you delve into the player-vs-player side of the game (which we love at our house), you will definitely need to know this information!


  1. Hey buddy I loved your whole thing but I gotta point out when listing best characters of each type you left out the water category and tech... Just saying thanks :) LOVIN FLAMESLINGER

  2. Thanks! Glad you're enjoying Flameslinger, I agree he's a fun one! As far as listing the best of each element, on that particular post I was starting with the assumption that you already had Spyro, Trigger Happy and Gill Grunt from the starter set and therefore only needed five more elements to have one of each.

    That being said, if I had to pick the BEST of those three types... Drobot is the best tech, hands down, it's not even close. In water, Gill Grunt is better than Zap, who is still fun but much weaker in terms of attack power. In magic, you can't really go wrong with Spyro. But both Voodood and Wrecking Ball have their strengths and are fun to play as well. They play differently, but there's not a huge ability drop off between any of the three.

  3. Life drains Water. Water puts out fire. Fire puts flames on Air and knocks it on the ground. Air beats Earth because Earth can't reach it. Earth breaks Technology. Tech beats Magic(old times) because it's got advanced power. Magic uses spells to beat the Undead. And Undead sucks the life out of Life

  4. Actually, I read that the elements have two other elements that they are strong against and one weakness.

  5. here's my explanation of the circle, life absorbs water, water douses fire, fire uses up the oxygen which is found in air, air is above earth,(rock) Earth crushes scissors(tech, tech beats magic like in your explanations, like in other games only magic can affect the dead, and at the end of every Life is Death :D